Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the princess...in her brother's underwear

Well I went to check on Kye in her room a few minutes ago and this was the sight that welcomed me...
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She has on her brother's underwear, two different shoes and her sassy pink pimp hat! It was truly a sight! Thank you Lord for blessing me with such a fashionable daughter:)

Happy Birthday Laura...

Tomorrow is my sweet LaLa's birthday! Laura, since elementary school you have made my life a true joy. When I think of Laura, I think of racing to eat lunch at Taco Plaza in high school, trying to be the first one to get that "perfect" parking spot our junior year, walking seven miles every night (we were insane), crying over the death of a friend, crying over a breakup, watching "Broken Arrow" in your bedroom (or at least trying to watch it), being there for me in college when I needed you most, helping me get ready before I walked down the aisle, coming to see my babies when they were born, and I could go on and on but there will never be enough space for me to write down all my memories with you! Laura, as I go to sleep tonight, I will thank the Lord for my beautiful friend and thank Him for giving us another special day to celebrate your life! I love you LaLa!!!

you are beautiful...hugs and kisses

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The Last Lecture...

A very dear friend has been after me to read the book "The Last Lecture". It is a spiritual and uplifting book about a professor who has cancer and his students turn his last lecture into a book. I have picked up the book several times to read it but considering I have growths on my own liver, just as this professor did, there are times when it is hard for me to read the book. When I am able to read a chapter or two though, my soul is truely blessed! Tonight on ABC Primetime they are doing a special about the book! I hope that you will be able to watch the show and be inspired as I have. Thank you Blake for introducing me to this book:)

Monday, July 28, 2008

my two favorite men....

I wanted to say Happy Birthday to the two greatest men in my life. My daddy and my papa. My dad's birthday was last week and my papa will be 75 tomorrow! These two men together have helped me become the person that I am. They have taught me many different things...how to fish, how to drive, how to sell cars, how to fight fires, how to be a disciple, how to love others unconditionally and mainly how to love my self! These two men mean the world to me and I thank God every chance I get for putting me into their lives!!!

Love you always,
your daughter and your grand-daughter

my papa...
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my daddy...
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Audrey Caroline...

This is a blog that every mother needs to read. I have sat off and on today readng it and when I am not crying for this family, I am praying for them! Please take the time to read this...your life will be blessed!


Dear Lord, thank you for letting me run across the story of Audrey Caroline. I know that is was no accident that you had me read about her! I have been blessed by her story! I can not wait until I meet her in Heaven! Amen!

Little Laci...

I have been thinking about you alot today Laci. I hope you know how much you have touched my life! You are a "Glory Baby" for sure...I put that song on my page just for you and Emily Grace! I love you girls!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


My two best friends from high school, Laura and Jaclyn, and I have been through so much together...k-college, marriage, births, deaths, tennis matches, taco plaza, and so on! They know my good qualities and of course my bad ones! It is safe to say that they are my "chiauitita"!!!
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I love them more than anything and I thank God every day for putting these two beautiful friends in my life! We have been friends since McCord Elementary and after seeing the movie Mamma Mia, I am proud to say that I know our frinedship will go on for many more years and I am sure one day, when we come together for one of our own childrens weddings, we will do a performance like this one...lol! I love you beautiful ladies!!!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!!!

Okay, I know this is a little late to post....BUT my LaLa is getting married!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!! I am so excited for my dear friend!!!
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LaLa, I love and miss you soooo very much and I am counting down the days until YOUR big day!!! I love you dear friend!!!


A year ago tonight, I sat in a Longview hospital anxiously waiting for Garrett to arrive. I was told that he would be born on July 23rd, so I "quickly" made the 6 hour trip from Vernon to Longview. I just knew that he would be there when I arrived, but lucky for me, baby Garrett decided to wait for his Aunt B and made his great apperance on July 24th (very, very early in the morning)...
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Watching Garrett grow and develop this past year has been an absolute blessing! Even though I am now 10 hours away from him and it is extremely hard to give kisses to those perky lips....I still think about him and pray for him every day! Happy Birthday G-Man!!! Your Aunt B loves you unconditionally and abundantly!
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Pray for Jake...

If you know me at all, you have heard me speak of the McBride family. In April of 2007, my sweet friends lost their baby after months of prayer, tears, and heartache.
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Little Laci only lived 57 minutes, but her story will live on for ever! I will tell of Laci's story to anyone who will stop and listen. I love you Laci!

On a happier note...in October, the McBride's will welcome baby Jake to their family. As for now, Jake looks absoutely amazing, but I ask that you all as prayer warriors please continue to pray for Jake and his parents and that he will come into this world healthy and happy!
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Dear Lord, please be with baby Jake and wrap him in your arms! We know that you are wih Jake and his parents every minute! We all look forward to holding him and welcoming him into this world! Amen!

the pillowcase dress...

My grandfather Bristo's great grandmother made this pillowcase years ago. My friend Stacy graciously used her talents and made it into a dress for Kye! I was so afraid of her wearing it and getting it dirty, so what else could I do...get her portraits made in it. I thought it turned out extremely well...Kye's great-great-great grandmother would be so pleased!
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It's Friday Night Lights time.....

It is football season again and if you are needing me for any reason in the fall...here is where you can find me and my family:)
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Varsity Football Schedule

Aug 29
Amarillo High Away

Sept. 5 Plainview Home 7:30

Sept. 12 Perryton(Homecoming) Home 7:30
Sept. 19 Frenship Away 7:30
Sept. 26 Hereford Away 7:30
Oct. 3 Open

Oct. 10 Pampa Away 7:30
Oct. 16 Palo Duro Home 7:30
Oct. 24 Caprock Home 7:30
Oct. 31 Canyon Home 7:30
Nov. 7 Dumas(Senior Night) Home 7:30