Friday, April 8, 2011


Ok, being the OCD person that I am, I have to say that the previous blog and I spent about 2 hours fighting with each other. I finally posted it before I lost everything! I know it is not centered and yes it drives me crazy. So, Jaydon and Kye, when you read Mommy's blog years from now, please know that I tried to make it perfect:)

Your Nutty/OCD/not so perfect Mommy :)

The Ritchey's are back and better than ever....

Wow! It seems that I only like to write on this blog once a year! I hope to be better at that!!! A lot has happened in the past year. I will try to sum it all up for you. Here is 2010-2011 in pictures...
In May, Jaydon graduated from Kindergarten!!!

In June, both kids had their tonsils out!!!

In July, we visited Colorado and had an absolute BLAST!!!

In August, my faith was restored when miracle Lauren entered the world:)

In September, Rebel football started and we said goodbye to daddy and hello to Friday Night Lights...

In October (one of my FAVORITE months), Jaydon was the quarterback for his little flag football team!!!

In November, the 5 Great-Bristo Grandkids were able to spend the Thanksgiving Holidays together!!! They were sooooo cute together!

Atley was not to sure about me......I think I won her over though:)

In December, on Christmas Day we flew to Chicago for a Bears Game! We had the time of our lives....

In January we celebrated Jaydon's 7th birthday. His birthday is really December 29th but we waited until January so that he could celebrate with his Amarillo friends!

In February, Kye-Kye turned 5 years old! She celebrated with a Circus birthday party at the Donut Stop with all her little friends!!!!

In March, Kye got her very first bike. She actually did pretty good on it. Only a few minor accidents:)

Now we are current with April 2011...

Kye's new friend....thanks Aunt Jamie for introducing us!!!

Jaydon loses ANOTHER tooth :)

April has been an amazing month! Jaydon is finishing up 1st grade. Kye is finishing up daycare and looking forward to starting kindergarten (OMG!) Both kids have started track season and LOVE it!!! We have been blessed beyond measures! This month my sweet friend Tiffany introduced me to the song "Blessings" by Laura Story. I have to end with this song. My life has been blessed....God is Good!