Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Kye!

I can not believe that Kye will be 3 tomorrow (Feb. 16th)! My precious baby girl is growing up so fast! Kye is a baby that was defiantly meant to be! I thank GOD every day for giving her to us and especially for letting me stay here to watch her grow and to be here mommy...that is the best miracle in the world!!!! Kye is such a pleasure to be around. She is beautiful, funny, mischievous, witty, independent and lovable! She is loved by so many people and we are forever grateful for that! Please say a pray for Kye on her birthday. Please pray for her health, her wisdom, and her love for God! And also please pray for Kye's parents, brother, friends, and family that we may raise her the way that the Lord has called us to! We love you princess Kye! Thank you for being such a joy to us!

ps...Kye, mommy loves you very much! This is a day that we both celebrate our lives! I love you sassy girl!